beeskin beeswax wrap pack multi


beeskin beeswax wrap pack multi. Sizes S, M and L. But watch out: You will soon figure out that you need even more of our beeskin beeswax wraps. Food stays fresh for longer, you avoid plastic and wrapping is fun too. 

2-4 days

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beeskin beeswax wrap pack multi “magicbeesize”. 3 different sizes:

  • “s” (15×15) for bottles, ½ lemon, small jars or to make an envelope to take raisins to go 
  • “m”(25×25) for ½ avocado, the piece of cheese or small bowls and breakfast plates and
  • “l”(35×35) for lettuce, watermelon or fresh bread

Bought in a pack our wraps are also much cheaper compared to buying single ones.   

So easy to use:

Lay your beeskin beeswax wrap on the item you want to cover, or onto the food you would like to wrap. The beeskin beeswax sticks together due to your body heat and literally melts around the items to be packed. In the fridge, the beeswax cloth will get stiff, similar to a plastic lid, but at room temperature it becomes soft and malleable again. Nevertheless, it will remain in the shape you folded it into.

Not suitable for use with raw fish & meat as well as pineapple.

Please note our instructions for care and cleaning and read more information and tipps here.

Natural ingredients:

The quality of our beeskin beeswax wraps and the used ingredients is very important to us. Your beeskin beeswax wrap is made of

  • Cotton (GOTS certified) – as the base,
  • Beeswax (Tested for pollutants and pesticides) – as a main component of the „coating“,
  • Tree resin – so that it sticks even better,
  • Jojoba oil (organic) – so that the wrap remains soft

So many ways to use it:

In our gallery you can see how we use beeskin beeswax wraps ourselves. Whether at school, on the road or in the office – there are countless ways to use your beeskin beeswax wrap. Finally, no annoying cling-foil-that-sticks-to-itselfs-and-then-gets-thrown-away-out-of-sheer-frustration mess anymore (thus no bad mood in the morning when wrapping the school sandwiches).

Additional information


S: 15×15 cm,
M: 25×25 cm,
L: 35×35 cm




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